Chinese American physicist Xiaoxing Xi with symbols of the U.S. and Chinese flags, formulas, and prison bars over his photo.
Photo illustration, sources: Hans Neleman, Robert Brook/Science Photo Library, Gualtiero Boffi/EyeEm via Getty Images

The U.S. Crackdown on Chinese American Researchers Endangers the Future of Science

Ethnically Chinese scientists are fighting a long history of U.S. persecution

“I felt compelled.”

“If you wanted to do science, you went to the United States. There was no question.”

“There are real cases. There is real spying going on.”

“You have a democratic right to speak up, to change the policies. That’s precisely why I’m doing this now.”

Trilingual journalist covering inequality, injustice, + unintended consequences. Recovered entrepreneur, amateur surfer. Assignments + tips:

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