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Take a Look Through the Clear Solar Panel of the Future

Researchers made a novel tweak to the burgeoning technology

A new transparent solar panel can generate electricity and lets through 57% of visible light. Photo: Joondong Kim from Incheon National University

Every week, Future Human’s Glimpse of the Future brings you an image of the science being deployed to solve the world’s pressing problems.




Future Human is a science publication from Medium about the survival of our species. It is run by the OneZero editorial team, which also publishes stories about major forces in technology through its namesake publication and stories about gadgets on Debugger.

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The picture is of a black and white drawing of the cork cells in two sections within a round, black background. On the left is an elongated section of the cork sample where the cork cells are almost rectangular and neatly arranged, labelled as ‘B’. On the right is a rough, round section where the cork cells are arranged randomly and look like tiny round pores of varying size, labelled as ‘A’. Drawn by Robert Hooke in the book Micrographia.

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Yasmin Tayag

Yasmin Tayag

Editor, Medium Coronavirus Blog. Senior editor at Future Human by OneZero. Previously: science at Inverse, genetics at NYU.

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