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Reengineering Life

Scientists Are Gene Editing Coral to Help Them Survive Climate Change

CRISPR was used to identify a gene for heat tolerance in corals

Filtered image of coral against a background of pipette and DNA.
Photo illustration; Image source: Alexis Rosenfeld/Getty Images

Reengineering Life is a series from Future Human about the astonishing ways genetic technology is changing humanity and the world around us.




Future Human is a science publication from Medium about the survival of our species. It is run by the OneZero editorial team, which also publishes stories about major forces in technology through its namesake publication and stories about gadgets on Debugger.

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Emily Mullin

Emily Mullin

Former staff writer at Medium, where I covered biotech, genetics, and Covid-19 for OneZero, Future Human, Elemental, and the Coronavirus Blog.

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