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It’s Time to Talk About Climate Reparations

How do we begin to give back what decades of fossil fuel polluters have taken away?

Rise and Resist activist group marched together to demand climate and racial justice.
Photo: Pacific Press/LightRocket/Getty Images

By Mary Annaïse Heglar and Amy Westervelt, Hot Take

Future Human has partnered with Hot Take, a podcast hosted by Mary Annaïse Heglar and Amy Westervelt, to share exclusive climate coverage and conversations with key figures




Future Human is a science publication from Medium about the survival of our species. It is run by the OneZero editorial team, which also publishes stories about major forces in technology through its namesake publication and stories about gadgets on Debugger.

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Print and radio reporter. Founder, Critical Frequency. Host/reporter Drilled, co-host Hot Take and Labor. For more mom stuff: podlink.to/labor

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