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Facing Severe Droughts, Ranchers Are Resorting to Using Fracking Water to Save Their Land

Using a patent-pending cleaning process, a Wyoming company hopes to water ranchlands with the notoriously nasty byproduct from oil and gas wells

A Patterson-UTI drilling rig operating for Ultra Petroleum Resources in the Pinedale Anticline natural gas field, in Sublette County, near Pinedale, Wy. The PInedale Anticline is one of the highest producing gas fields in the United States. Hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling at depths of 5,000 to 20,000 feet releases the gas.
Photo: William Campbell/Corbis/Getty Images




Future Human is a science publication from Medium about the survival of our species. It is run by the OneZero editorial team, which also publishes stories about major forces in technology through its namesake publication and stories about gadgets on Debugger.

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